Light Weight Event System (LWES)


The LWES Light-Weight Event System is a framework for allowing the exchange of information from many machines to many machines in a controlled, platform neutral, language neutral way. The exchange of information is done in a connectless fashion using multicast or unicast UDP, and using self describing data so that any platform or language can translate it to it's local dialect.

This leads to a system with the following features

The system consists of two major components

Emitter - a source of events, this is usually a server or process which wants to announce something

Listener - a sink of events which deserializes and processes events on the fly as they are received.

There is also a custom listener which defers deserialization until some point in the future, and simply captures and writes the events to a log. This is in the pj package, and is called a journaller.

This library is the 'C' implementations of the LWES. There is also a perl xsubs wrapper, and a pure java implementation packaged separately. All should be wire format compatible.

For more information on developing with the LWES see

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